Intentional Organizing

Arrange your space so it reinforces your life goals and intentions.

This will naturally involve some decluttering, organizing, and decorating. Feng Shui assessments are also an option.

Look at different areas of your life and identify which one you would like to balance or focus on, such as relationship, family, career, health, etc.

The next part is looking at your home and deciding which part of your home (kitchen, bedroom, living room) you would like to work on to reinforce your new goal or focus.

Identify objects that will amplify or detract from your goals.

This is an important step. Some objects have sad or negative memories attached to them; we are reminded of these memories when we see them. Clearing them away will allow us to make room for new positive actions. For some objects, this means moving them to another part of the home; for others, you may feel that the time has come to take them out of your life completely. That choice is up to you.

A Classic Example...

Remember that one item from an ex that you have held on to? Maybe a beautiful cushion. Every time you see it you may have a bittersweet response.

Let's say you are ready to meet someone new. Consider giving away or selling the cushion.

Now you have let go of the past and re-arranged your space to make room for that new goal in your life!

Use What You Have

Usually you do not need to go out and buy a lot of new things. We can work with what you have. For example, I wanted to cook more, so I chose to bring certain red-coloured objects I had into the kitchen area (such as a red vase, a red flower, and a red cloth I put on the table). Seeing the bright red every day reminded me of my goal and it worked!

Make a Mess!

Decluttering, rearranging and organizing look messy at first. You have to move things around and things seems even more disorganized than when you began.

A Harmonius Space

As you continue, you’ll find that all the objects in your home fall into place in a new way, and not only is the space less cluttered and more organized, but it now reflects the goals you identified at the beginning!

Reward Yourself!

This process can be stressful and energizing at the same time. Plan a reward for yourself for all the hard work when the session is done!

Start Your Journey!

Live your purpose by transforming and aligning your space.